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T.I.E. Skipper by FrostLupus T.I.E. Skipper by FrostLupus
My Custum Tie Fighter... #5

Craft: TIE Skipper
Type: Starfighter, Recon/Stealth Intersepter
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 140 MGLT
Weapons: 2 LDE-09.3 Repeater Pulse Cannons
2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
2 107 Ion Beam cannons
Equipment: Full protection Sheilds
Stealth system
Adaptive Optical camouflage(Cloaking Device)
FTL drive

Historical (My Cannon, not acual)-
With the growing decline of the Imperial factions and "Enemy" starfighters constantly improving, One Imperial leader began to design newer fighters to try to match the curent generation of Republic fighters.
With the Tridednt and the Saber filling the roll of a conventional fighter, and the Viper all but scraped, the design team went back to the drawing board and created the T.I.E. Skipper. Named after the "Skipping Effect" of the Adaptive Optical Camouflage. The Skipper proved itself in both the trial stages and in field tests in all expected rolls, especialy as a scout/recon fighter

personal note-
I'm not sure if its obvious to any one (but it is obvious to me) that the fighter was origenaly based on the Reaper and Viper. When I trash the Viper's history (made it too powerfull and made it a death trap that few will acualy pilot,) I still wanted an intersepter class fighter. Origenally it was going to be the Reaper, but I ended up turning that fighter into my personal fighter (And later, an Ace fighter.)
So I created the Skipper very close to the Reaper.

Note- The "Skipping Effect" refers to the effect when , the Camouflage/Cloak cannot compansate for the light created when the fighter fires its weapons, generally illuminating the fighter to the naked eye. (The best example is the Klingon prototype Bird of Prey that could fire it's torpedoes when cloaked and was somewhat illuminated by the light from the torpedo.)
unlasting Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Kind of reminds me of a bulkier version of the sith fighter from KOTOR 1
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September 11, 2010
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