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T.I.E. Trident by FrostLupus T.I.E. Trident by FrostLupus
My Custum Tie Fighter... #3

Craft: TIE Trident
Type: Starfighter
Crew: 1
Top Speed: 100 MGLT
Weapons: 2 LDE-09.3 Repeater Pulse Cannons
2 Proton Torpedo Launchers
Equipment: Full protection Sheilds

Historical (My Cannon, not acual)-
With the growing decline of the Imperial factions and "Enemy" starfighters constantly improving, One Imperial leader began to design newer fighters to try to match the curent generation of Republic fighters.
With the Saber gaining aproval at Imperial bases, the design teams turned to designing a carrier based fighter. Using elements from both the Saber and Viper, the team created the Trident.
The Trident was very much like it's prediceser (the TIE/Ins) the fighter was small, manuverable, and it had no FTL drives. Overall its a good all around fighter, and it was well reseved by its pilots

personal note-
When I created the Trident, the thoughts were towards something like the origenal TIE fighter, a simple compact fighter with good speed and manuverability. (personaly I don't like the origenal TIE, namly the large hexigonal solar panals.) The thought was, I wanted a Swarm fighter (good in large numbers) but I also wanted an Idependent fighter.
So for exsample, If it came acrossed a X-wing, it had a 50/50 chanse of kicking but and coming home intact.
When I was designing the different TIEs I was playing the KotOR (Knights of the Old Republic) and seen the Sith fighter. Obviosly I was Impressed with the design, hence the look of the trident.
When I was creating the fighters I was also making the Avenger class ISD (1 of 2 ISDs I have created.)
The engine design was oringenaly included on all the TIE designs, but doing them in Skechup, this is the first fighter with the new engine design.
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September 4, 2010
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